Dodgers FanFest 2019: Walker Buehler Interview

On 2019 mentality:

“Just trying to get back to where I was at the end of the year and keep moving forward. Trying to keep everything sharp and do a little better.”

On what he worked on in the offseason:

“Just getting back. I think you’re always working on stuff and nothing to me mechanically. Just some stuff with the ball out of the hand.”

On any changes he made this offseason:

“Not really. My body felt good at the end of the year so there’s not a whole lot to change in terms of that kind of stuff. Just getting back into shape and getting the arm back ready to go.”

On if he will have any restrictions in 2019:

“We haven’t really talked about it. I assume that this year will be a little more free and easy. I got to a good number last year so I don’t think we’re too far off.”

On offseason moves:

It is what it is. It’s what the front office does. It sucks to see some of those guys leave. It’s exciting to see some guys come in. That’s the nature of the game and the business. We’ll see. There’s still some time before spring training to see if we do anything else. We still got a lot of talent in there and we’re confident in what we got already.”

On confidence this year having a more defined role compared to last year:

“I still go into spring training competing for a job. That’s really about it. It’s getting to Opening Day healthy and hoping for the best in that way.”

On if he’s spoken to Russell Martin:

“I have not. Nope.”

On biggest thing he learned last year:

As weird as it is, it’s one of those years where I can look back and say my stuff works and plays. If I can just keep it where I want it then I’m going to have some success. It’s about getting healthy and feeling good and then moving forward execution stuff. That’s what spring training is for. We’ll get there.”

On where he’s at in throwing program:

“I’ve been off the mound one time. That’s about normal for me. Nothing really changes. I’ll get off it two, three or four more times before I leave for Phoenix.”

On if he’s been paying attention to Bryce Harper, MLB free agency:

“I think it is what it is. With the luxury tax and stuff like that, it’s created this kind of slow down and it stinks. Guys want to see these big players play. Those guys have a lot of time in the big leagues and deserve to get their checks. It’s good and bad. There’s been some guys signed and some guys have gotten paid, and some guys haven’t. Just stinks when it’s the two key guys that haven’t signed yet. Another CBA is coming and we’ll try and get some of this stuff ironed out.”

On watching what’s happening in the market as a young player:

“I’ve always been interested in the business side of the game. I think I pick Friedman’s mind even more than he wants me to just because I want to know. I’m not trying to be nosey or do anything with the information; I want to get it. And it’s just sad because a lot of guys put a lot of time and effort into playing this game, and the fans want to see the best players. Somebody is going to sign them but you just hope it’s sooner rather than later.”

On if he has any Bryce Harper scoops:

“I have none. I know nothing.”

Written by Vince Samperio


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