Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Tops Poll of MLB Reporters For MVP Vote

While early polls can be misleading, we feel this one points towards some voter honesty. Furthermore, Richard Justice has a story over at that displays who the frontrunners are for the Most Valuable Player Award.

Voters are writers. Now, they’re human like the rest of us. Simply because they don’t cover only the Dodgers every day, the signature moments at the forefront of their minds belong to Bellinger. In any case – Bellinger received 30 of 34 first-place votes.

Undeniably, this displays at the moment how far in front Bellinger is of Christian Yelich; the player thought by many to be the biggest barrier in Bellinger winning his first piece of hardware.

Mike Trout is the barometer that an MVP is measured by. Comparatively, Bellinger equaled him in receiving 30 of 34 total first-place votes.

We have talked about the historic impact of Bellinger’s 2019 season in the making before.

Bellinger is having an impressive season, leading the NL with a .355 batting average and on track for 31 doubles and 51 home runs in addition to 102 walks.

Bellinger has been so good that he has taken a big lead over Yelich, who has been even better than he was during his 2018 MVP season. Yelich is on pace for roughly 32 doubles and 59 home runs.

Now, there is a long ways to go until this season is complete. Any player who is going to finish this off and be remembered forever as the 2019 Most Valuable Player will need a combination of health, luck, and continued great play. Simply put, you cannot back your way into an MVP award. The only way out is through it on this roadmap.

However if your eye-test tells you that Bellinger is the best player in the NL thus far, they are not deceiving you.

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Written by Clint Evans


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