Dodgers’ Antics Thursday Night Were ‘Minor League’ Says Former SF Giant

On Thursday evening, the Los Angeles Dodgers merely made baseball fun. Indeed, in the wake of Bruce Bochy warning about ‘waking the bear’; and long after Max Muncy put a Madison Bumgarner pitch 25 leagues under the sea, the Dodgers had some fun.

Furthermore, they won the ballgame. And yes – during the contest – a few laughs were had.

Now a former San Francisco Giant named Jeremy Affeldt – a left-handed reliever when he last played in 2015 – says the Dodgers were ‘minor league’ on Thursday night. This comes via a report on

Affeldt is approaching the 5-year mark of retirement, but sounds passionate about his disdain for how the Dodgers do things.

“The Dodgers, they always do stuff like that, they wear their stupid t-shirts or whatever; they make stuff up,” Affeldt said, referring to Yasiel Puig’s noted “Puig your friend” shirt.

That wasn’t all Affeldt had to say about the situation. The former reliever didn’t think the ocean moniker that Muncy thought of in the heat of the moment made much sense. Furthermore, he feels that only teams with ’51 wins’ do things like this.

“It’s easy to wear those shirts when you have 51 wins… and teams do have fun that way,” Affeldt said. “Basically, it was a stupid comment that made no sense. So, now you’re wearing a stupid shirt that makes no sense about a stupid comment. You’re not showing your intelligence there really, but I understand what they’re doing.”

Finally, Affeldt is not a fan of the Dodgers playing the Little Mermaid song. Someone tell Jeremy it’s called ‘Under the Sea’ and it’s a classic!

“It’s not just that,” Affeldt said. “It’s the shirt thing and then all of a sudden it’s the first inning, Bum’s coming out and they play the Little Mermaid song.”

To his credit, our good friend and talented artist Dieter Ruhle had a few beauties ready to go for Bumgarmer. See below:

In closing, why do these former Giants players like Aubrey Huff and Jeremy Affeldt care so much about this situation? Internally as a staff we posed the question to one another – and it’s a good question.

Help us make sense of it in the comments below.

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Written by Clint Evans


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