Dodgers: Cody Bellinger’s Greatness Realized by Another National Writer

Remember back in February when Cody Bellinger made it known that he wanted to play every day, against lefties included? At the current time, he has his wish.

Furthermore, Richard Justice is an correspondent and national writer. Therefore, Justice spends his time surveying the league for what’s interesting for the readers.

Now, Justice posts a tweet on Thursday afternoon that he says will ‘blow your mind’. Of course, the subject matter is none other than Bellinger.

Indeed, Justice’s tweet illustrates that Cody Bellinger is dominating left-handed pitching. In fact, Bellinger is hitting lefties more productively than that of right-handed pitching if you look at the triple-slash line.

Furthermore, Bellinger underwent a recent slump that we wrote about some adjustments being made in the midst of. Clint ‘FRG’ Pasillas has an interesting tweet of how Bellinger is emerging from the throws of this slump.

Nice hashtag work, FRG.

Finally, in last evening’s 9-0 win over the San Francisco Giants; Bellinger hit his 24th home run of the season.

That event – his 24th regular season home run – took place in 2018 on September 25th in the Dodgers 156th team game. Without question, 2019 Bellinger is a whole different animal; and the gift that keeps on giving.

As the days pass by, he continues to pile up the statistics and moments that make you say ‘wow’ or blow your mind as Justice put it.

He’s also getting quite a bit of mainstream attention from national writers. Don’t be surprised if he’s doing a commercial for MLB soon or on the cover of Sports Illustrated.

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Written by Clint Evans


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