Dodgers: Will Smith Extends History with Home Run

After the Dodgers had back-to-back games with a walk-off home run from a rookie, they made baseball history. It was something that had never been done before, and likely something that couldn’t be topped… Until the next day.

Rookie catcher Will Smith, who was just added to the roster today, was called on to pinch-hit with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning of a tie game.

Rockies’ reliever Scott Oberg threw him a slider in the dirt for ball one. On the second pitch, Oberg went back to the slider but left it over the middle of the plate. Smith swung, hit it to right-center field, and the ball carried until it was gone.

It was a different game that had the same outcome as the two before it: a walk-off home run by a rookie.

The Dodgers now have three straight games with a walk-off home run by a rookie, which extends their MLB record.

The streak will come to an end at three games as they start a seven-game road trip tomorrow.

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Written by Blake Williams


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