Dodgers: Justin Turner Talks About all of the Hit By Pitches in 2019

For Dodgers All-Star third baseman Justin Turner, you never know when it’s going to happen next. But chances are, it’s happening again soon, and it’s not going to feel great.

Of course, I’m talking about all the hit by pitches in 2019. On Monday at Dodger Stadium, Turner spent a few minutes with Fox 11 anchor Liz Habib who asked about all the bruises and the lack of retaliation.

It’s something that always is talked about, and conversations that happen throughout the year — it’s part of the game. So far we haven’t had anything too big, or too many incidences, but it’s something we kind of tally of and kind of police on our own.

For the Dodgers as a team, they’ve been plunked 53 times; Turner has worn 12 of those. While JT might not feel that there have been too many incidences worthy of retaliation, there certainly has been more than a fair share of bean balls for the boys in blue.

Moreover, that number of 53 HBPs is good for 4th in all of baseball, with the Dodgers sitting behind the Reds, Mets, and Twins respectively.

As Habib mentioned, JT recently stood up for an opposing pitcher that was kicked out of the game for hitting him, but with the injury to the hot-hitting Chris Taylor still on their minds, Dodger fans have every right to be up in arms about the lack of retaliation.

However you can look at the team’s best record in baseball as retaliation enough.

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Written by Clint Pasillas


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