Dodgers News: Starting Pitcher Rich Hill Says He Has No Plans To Retire

If you were one of those wondering if we have seen the last of Rich Hill – think again. Moreover, Hill seems determined to pitch again. While this should not come as a surprise after hearing Hill talk about playing for several more years recently, he’s currently on the IL with a serious arm injury.

The story was given to Peter Abraham of the Boston Globe. Right now, Hill is gathering information and preparing for the road back.

Again, Hill seems determined to show the world that there is more left in his tank.

“I want to play as long as I can,” he said. “There are things I can’t control, like injuries. Those are outliers. We’ll see how I come back. Hopefully I’m healthy and strong and can come back again after this season. It could be one of those things where I go year to year. I’m not 100 percent sure.”

Whether it’s in the big leagues in Los Angeles, or in a men’s league in Boston; Hill says he will throw again somewhere.

“I love playing baseball. If it’s not at the major league level maybe I’ll go back and play in a men’s league in Boston. But hopefully I can stay in LA. The success we’ve had here is awesome and I want to continue to be a part of that. Obviously there is a business side of that.”

Hill goes on to say that he thinks that he has a lot of good pitching left in him. Without question, he’s one of my favorite pitchers due to his story and resilience. He will need to show those traits at least one more time to put on a Dodger uniform again.

With that said – I wouldn’t bet against Rich Hill – not by a long shot.

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Written by Clint Evans


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