Dodgers Would Love To Avoid Giants In Playoffs, Says Former Giants Player

What is it with former San Francisco Giants weighing in on the current Los Angeles Dodgers. Indeed – in a busy news cycle day for the Dodgers – a former Giant was chirping.

First, Bruce Bochy said not to poke the bear in the wake of ‘Go Get It Out of the Ocean-gate’. Then in the wake of poking the bear – several retired Giants took to twitter – only to say Madison Bumgarner would make mince-meat of Muncy.

Now, Ryan Theriot went on KBNR 680 air waves in San Francisco to say the Dodgers are scared of the Giants sneaking into the MLB postseason. Therefore, let’s look at what Theriot said.

Theriot seems to think that the Dodgers – owners of a 67-35 record – are concerning themselves with the Giants. At the current time, the Giants just crossed the .500 threshold on the year with a 51-50 mark. Apparently, that’s cause for a former Giant to get on his high-horse.

Here’s what Theriot said, verbatim:

“The last thing Los Angeles wants to see is the Giants if they win that (National League) Wildcard.”

Theriot played eight years in the big leagues, last for the Giants in 2012 when he won a World Series ring and earned the right to weigh in on things like this forever. While he owns a career OPS of .691 and 17 home runs – he allegedly knows that the 2019 Dodgers’ thoughts.

So what do you think? What are the odds that the Dodgers are sitting around thinking not of Atlanta, not about Milwaukee, not about Washington or even an American league foe; but the Giants?

Finally, I am only here to report the news. However, it’s my opinion that the Dodgers are focused on their day-to-day and a postseason run of whomever they draw. And knowing the ire of this Dodgers team, they would want to face the best; without dodging anyone.

Especially the San Francisco Giants.

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Written by Clint Evans


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