Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Talks About Home Run Race With Christian Yelich

Cody Bellinger hit his 37th home run of the season on Monday night against the St. Louis Cardinals. The home run loomed large because it landed in the loge level in right field – normally unchartered waters, except for in video games. Furthermore, it gave the Dodgers a 3-0 lead on a night that starting pitcher Tony Gonsolin would get his first career victory.

Also, it helped Bellinger somewhat keep pace with Christian Yelich of the Milwaukee Brewers who hit two home runs of his own on Monday to give him a total of 39.

First, let’s look at what Bellinger had to say after the game about the home run race with Yelich when he spoke to SportsNet LA anchor Alanna Rizzo.

Cody Bellinger on the Home Run Race With Christian Yelich

Rizzo wanted to know if Bellinger thought that ball was staying fair. By looking at the headline photo, you can tell Bellinger was trying to give it a little added direction. Indeed, it worked.

“It started plenty fair. I was just hoping it didn’t start tailing at the end, it stayed fair so that was nice.”

Next, Bellinger was asked about the aforementioned home run race ongoing between he and Yelich. It’s hard not to realize what’s taking place when MLB made a commercial about the whole thing. Therefore, Bellinger says he’s well aware; but it’s not his primary focus.

“I know about it, I hear about it. I’m not trying to pay attention to it or focus on it at all.”

Finally, what did he think about Gonsolin’s performance? After all, the Dodgers starting pitcher gave them six innings of shutout baseball with seven strikeouts over a Cardinals team that has been playing well.

“We are deep. Gonsolin did a great job today, keeping every hitter off balance it looked like. It looks like he has great offspeed stuff. He was hitting his spots, he and Will [Smith] were on the same page. He was a lot of fun to watch.”

Now, let’s move onto the Bellinger Bomb theatrics portion of our post.

Cody Bellinger Home Run 37 (Career: 101)

In case you were out doing something more important than watching Bellinger slug one into the loge level, here it is again:

What’s more, they’re saying the ball only traveled 419 feet! I am biased – but this looked every bit of 440 with the eye test.

Right now, Bellinger is staying right around 50-homer pace on the season. Whether or not that’s enough to top Yelich in the category remains to be seen. With that said, Bellinger has the opportunity to become the first Dodgers player ever to hit 50 home runs in a season.

That would be memorable enough to be talked about for a long time.

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Written by Clint Evans


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