Dodgers Home Run Record On Pace To Be Broken By Cody Bellinger

It could be said that the distant cousin of home run records is ‘pace’. Recently, Bellinger talked about what it’s like to go toe-to-toe with Christian Yelich for the NL home run crown. Equally important, he could join some rarified company by season’s end.

Right now, Bellinger has a shot at the Dodgers all-time franchise record for the category. Jon Morosi took to Twitter to talk about his record-setting pace. Furthermore, he might have enough thunder in his bat to run down 2001 Shawn Green; who was an absolute monster offensively.

I task you to reach far back in the memory bank and remember what 2001 Green felt like in a Dodgers’ uniform. Seriously, he felt unstoppable. Well, that’s what kind of season Bellinger is putting together with just a little less than two months to go.

Indeed, Bellinger needs at least 13 more. That’s the magic number, 50. While any total in the 40-range would represent a new career high for Bellinger, no one forgets that nice round number of 50 home runs.

Equally important, it would etch him at the top of the Dodgers’ record books. Unquestionably, it could go down as the greatest offensive season in franchise history. And you got to see it – and we had the pleasure of writing about it.

With 47 team games remaining, Bellinger will need about one home run every three games played to be safe. Surely, my math is a little off by design. Once every three games keeps the doctor away, or something to that effect.

Finally, this is what adds a little game-within-the-game mystique. It’s always about wins and losses, but things like statistics and records add fun to a game that should be just about that. Simply put, watching Bellinger hit one into the seats is fun; in every sense of the word.

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Written by Clint Evans


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