Dodgers Walker Buehler Aiding Front Office in Dustin May’s Development

Walker Buehler is one of the smartest players on the Dodgers’ roster. He is somewhat of a baseball savant, an intense competitor similar to the likes of Clayton Kershaw, and is Vanderbilt educated.

In a recent column penned by Andy McCullough of The Athletic, McCullough provides some interesting quotes regarding Walker Buehler and his opinions on the development of Dustin May.

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Buehler and May

Supposedly, Walker Buehler has been tracking the development of right-handed rookie Dustin May since May was taken by the Dodgers in the third round of the 2016 MLB Draft.

Buehler is someone who has been vocal in the past and it is pretty cool to see him taking a lead role in advocating for May’s development. It was not that long ago that Walker Buehler was the Dodgers’ top pitching prospect, so he knows a thing or two about May’s situation.

Learning From Mistakes

Here is the quote:

I told some of the front office guys, at that point, it probably would have benefited me to have more time, to settle in and get some of the [stuff] out of the way, and then try to get ready for the playoffs.

The Dodgers tried to place Walker Buehler in a position to be a valuable postseason bullpen piece in his rookie season, but Dave Roberts noted that Buehler never felt comfortable in the bullpen.

The question has yet to be answered with Dustin May, someone who currently occupies one of the Dodgers’ rotation spots. Buehler advocated for May to come up prior to September to get his feet wet with a ‘runway’:

I think they’re doing it differently with him, where they’re giving him a little bit more time, and a little bit more runway to learn the big leagues and learn the bullpen.


Buehler supporting the front office and Dustin May’s development is something that you don’t hear from every player, much less a 25-year-old in his second full MLB season. Regardless, Buehler’s similar experiences and his intelligence allow Dustin May’s development to be placed in the right eyes with his best interest in mind.

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