Dodgers Can Get Postseason Boost From Dustin May, Says FOX Sports

Recently, Dustin May made it known what he doesn’t want to be called. However, being called ‘Dodger postseason reliever’ certainly would meet his approval.

On Wednesday afternoon, May put together a nice performance in his second career start against the St. Louis Cardinals. He showed poise and command to go along with devastating stuff. It was the type of performance that shows he not only belongs, but can impact the 2019 Dodgers in prominent ways.

Now, FOX Sports MLB is saying that May can absolutely factor into the Dodgers’ postseason fortunes as a reliever. Dontrelle Willis and Terry Collins weighed in on the topic in the video below which was posted to twitter.

Now, let’s all remember to that painful postseason game in 2015 in Los Angeles when the New York Mets brought Noah Syndergaard out of the pen to slam the door on the Dodgers. Ironically, it was Collins who made that move. Equally important, May has drawn comparisons to Syndergaard not only aesthetically, but in terms of upside and arm-talent.

So does Collins see May filling a similar role for Los Angeles in 2019? Indeed – he does – and he says the Dodgers should not hesitate to insert May into the pen when October rolls around.

“If the Dodgers need a piece, this May kid has a good arm and he’s locating it. If you have that kind of weapon out there, you should use him.”

Furthermore, Willis provides the most intriguing audio of the video. This is the x’s and o’s talk of baseball – how a pitcher like May gets hitters out and has success. Take a look at what Willis says here:

“One thing that matters is the mound presence, and that’s what May has. He throws 95 to 97, works at a great pace, late life and movement on his pitches, and he’s not afraid to miss a bat. He attacks everyone, and that’s why when he gets ahead in the count he has a sweeping slider. I think he can make the adjustment. And with that type of stuff, that’s a bullpen arm that can go through the lineup once and get nine outs for you.”

May is a dynamic talent, but some may wonder if he has what it takes as a rookie to help the Dodgers win it all right now. That’s reasonable, because it’s a lot to expect out of any rookie. However, it’s important to note here are two credible baseball men are confirming that this is a guy who can change the game in the postseason as a reliever for the squad.

Perhaps when the Dodgers didn’t go out and get a marquee reliever at the deadline, they knew something we all didn’t. While it wouldn’t be a first on that, having Dustin May in their back pocket as the figurative ‘ace in the hole’ fireman reliever could be what propels the Dodgers to write a storybook final chapter in 2019.

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Written by Clint Evans


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