Dodgers: Justin Turner Hosts Annual Baseball Camp

The Dodgers had a day off yesterday, and Justin Turner held his annual baseball camp helping kids with their baseball skills.

There were 500 kids at Justin Turner’s camp, ages ranging form 6 to 13. It was a great opportunity for the kids to learn from one of the best players in the game. This is more than baseball, it’s more than sports. Justin Turner is more than an athlete. Turner is training these young kids to get them ready to have a chance at making it to the big leagues, in the future.

Justin Turner spoke about his camp:

“It’s fun, I have a blast coming out here, and messing around with the kids, and joking around. I’ve seen a couple Diamondbacks hat, a Rockies hat, and a Twins hat, so far. So give ’em a little bit of a hard time, for not wearing the right hat, obviously, out here, but, seeing the kids and how good they are at baseball, and there’s a lot of talent out here, every year, and it’s just fun to watch, and it’s a refresher of those days when I was a kid, just coming out, having fun, diving around, getting dirty, just because I love playing baseball so much.

I’ve had a couple of kids just coming up and giving me a big hug this morning, and say that, oh you are my favorite player, I love watching you play, and stuff like that is pretty humbling, because in my opinion, I’m just a kid, just like they were, just a little bit older, you know.”

Justin Turner on giving back and making the kids better baseball players:

It’s all about them, it’s all for the kids to get out here, and try to grow there dreams, and hopefully we’ll see a lot of these kids on the big league field one day.

Courtesy ABC 7.

For Justin and Kourtney Turner, the charitable day was far from over as their busy off-day continued with Clayton and Ellen Kershaw’s 7th Annual Ping Pong 4 Purpose tournament at Dodger Stadium. The full update on that is coming later.

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Written by Levon Satamian


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