Dodgers: Dave Roberts Speaks On Gavin Lux’s Call-up Status

Recently, Dodgers Nation had the opportunity to talk with the next big thing, prospect Gavin Lux. Indeed, Lux is hammering AAA pitching at a rapid pace; and his ascent to the big leagues is quickly approaching.

On Saturday, Dodgers’ manager Dave Roberts said before the game that Lux is going to be with the big league club in 2019. Furthermore, trusted scribes Bill Plunkett and Ken Gurnick released tweets describing the context.

Obviously, we are all very excited to see Lux. However, it seems like the general feeling when reading between the lines is that Lux will be a September call-up when rosters expand. Equally important, the ‘apprenticing’ language seem like it won’t be in any type of regular starting or impact role.

Currently, Lux is hitting .450 in 33 games at AAA Oklahoma City with 10 home runs and a 1.359 OPS. It’s fair to say that he has little left to prove in the minor leagues, so the Dodgers are just allowing him to get a little more seasoning before awarding him with that official beautiful big league uniform.

To jump out of the ‘news’ for a moment and into my ‘take’ voice: look up some video of Lux hitting home runs in AAA. Watch what the outfielders do when he connects with the ball. They don’t even move – evidence of the type of power that this middle infielder displays.

It’s always fun to get excited about a prospect – a new member of the clubhouse and seed that you can watch grow. Then, there is a mega-prospect that has a chance to be a superstar and carve out accolades as a generational talent.

From all things out there on Lux – including his resume during this rapid rise through the minors – he is going to be a player we all remember for a long time. And that chapter is getting closer with every passing moment.

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Written by Clint Evans


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