Dodgers Dave Roberts Discusses Kershaw’s Health, Offense Against Lefties

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts sat down with Alanna Rizzo before Wednesday night’s game to talk about the offense against left-handed pitching and Clayton Kershaw’s health and preparation.

Roberts Talks Offense Against Southpaws

At one point this season, Dodgers’ left-handed bats held the best wRC+ in the league against left-handed pitching. Here is Roberts’ opinion on the comebacks of Kiké Hernandez, Chris Taylor, and Alex Verdugo boosting the offensive corps against southpaws in the near future:

“This year is fortunately different in the way our lefties have handled left-handed pitching. We are in a good spot. With Corey [Seager], Cody [Bellinger], and [Max] Muncy, you feel good about those guys against left-handed pitching.

Getting guys like Kiké [Hernandez] and [Chris] Taylor back with all the guys we have now. I think we are in a good spot with whoever we end up facing.”

While that has changed somewhat with the struggles of Corey Seager and Cody Bellinger for a short time, they still remain amongst the league’s best against the southpaws collectively. The Dodgers rank sixth in the National League with a 102 wRC+ against southpaws as a team and their lefties ranks second in the National League against other lefties with a 107 wRC+.

Kershaw’s Health

Roberts was also asked by reporters about Kershaw’s health this season considering

“He [Kershaw] and our strength staff and training staff have a good relationship. Clayton has been very open to changing some things in his preparation, but this guy has more will and desire than anyone I have ever been around. Sometimes with your body, there are things you cannot control, but whatever he can control as far as workload he has done that.”

Roberts also went on to talk about keeping Kershaw healthy the rest of the season so he can be at his best in October.


Roberts seems more than confident in his offensive structure, especially when key players return to health. He also feels as if Clayton Kershaw is hitting his stride and health has been the key. All are good things to hear out of the Dodgers’ manager.

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