Dodgers: Dave Roberts on Dustin May and Offensive Explosion versus the Marlins

The Dodgers opened up their road trip, with a 15-1 victory against the Miami Marlins. They improved to 80-41. 

The Dodgers were hitting on all cylinders tonight, with 5 different batters hitting a HR, 6 in total, including Will Smith’s multi home-run game. Dustin May had another solid performance, pitching in 5.2 innings, and allowing just 1 run.

Dave Roberts on the Dodgers performance:

“It’s as good of a night we’ve had all year, and that’s saying a lot. We had two singles, and that didn’t come until the 9th inning. It was just really good at-bats, all-around. I think this kids got some good stuff, he can pitch, but we got to him, and credit to our guys. With Dustin, you know, didn’t get ahead, as much as he did his last start, just wasn’t as sharp, but just credit to him, to go out there and give his 5-plus.”

Dave Roberts on hitting HR after HR, and not hitting a single until the 9th inning:

“It was just a relentless approach, and I think that, obviously the score is one thing, but whether you are plus a game, or minus a game, you still kind of have that intent, which we do, it was really good to see. The way A.J. swung the bat tonight, and even Negron, that’s 2 outs, and to score 4 or 5 runs, whatever it is, that last inning, was credit to all of our guys, hitting guys, doing a lot of good stuff.”

Dave Roberts on Will Smith having more HRs and RBI’s in 23 games than any Dodger in franchise history, and if Smith is better than Roberts thought he would be:

“You know, yeah, I guess so. I mean, up to this point, as far as production, you know you can bet on the makeup, the work ethic, and just until you get here, at this level, and see how it really plays out, but he’s just very confident right now, he stays in the strike zone, has a really good plan every time he steps in the box, and when he gets a pitch, he’s not missing it. It’s really fun to watch, and just to know that there is more in there, as far as, you know, experience, he’s going to be fun to attract.”

Dave Roberts on Dustin May’s performance:

“I liked in spurts; I think there was some good throws in there. I just think that it’s one of those things to get ahead, he just didn’t do a good job, but I think that when you don’t have your best stuff or your best command, to still go out there and throw up zero’s, you’ve got to tip your hat to a young player like Dustin.”

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Written by Levon Satamian


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