Dodgers: Dustin May Chats about Hill and Buehler’s Impact and More

Dodgers rookie right-hander Dustin May spoke with David Vassegh of AM 570 Los Angeles on Wednesday afternoon to chat about Rich Hill’s advice and guidance, picking up his first win as a major leaguer, and what the ride has meant to him.

The First Win

Vassegh questioned May about the meaning of his first MLB win, coming in the third start of his major league career:

“It is always great to get the first one out of the way. Just to keep moving forward, it’s a good thing to be competing up here with the big guys.”

Max Muncy made a terrific play in the game that turned into a double play. May was asked how he felt about the play and here is how he responded:

“It was huge. I was super excited and it definitely changed the outcome of the inning.”

Believing in May

Vassegh also asked Dustin May about his feelings regarding the Dodgers organization and their faith in him to come up to the big league level and compete;

“It definitely gives you a confidence boost. Knowing that they believe in you makes you believe in yourself. Going out there and being able to execute pitches…you feel comfortable and that is a really big component in this game.”

May already seemed to be a confident rookie and one who shows the poise of a veteran, but when your organization believes in you as much as the Dodgers believe in Dustin May, how can you not feel confident?

Dick Mountain Helps Big Red

David Vassegh asked a great question about who May has leaned on the most as far as the veterans go when it comes to his acclimation to the big leagues:

“It’s probably a mixture between Rich [Hill] and Walker [Buehler]. They have helped a lot. I knew Walker a little bit before from being in the minor leagues and I had talked to Rich a little bit in Spring Training, but they have been really helpful with everything.”

With May’s fire, the two most explosive and dynamic pitchers on the team are the best pitchers to learn from in that regard. Hill and Buehler drop more f-bombs than any other pitcher on the team. Confidence in his off-speed is going to be huge for May.


Through three starts at the major league level, the 21-year-old May holds a 2.63 ERA across 17 innings of work. He has struck out 15 batters and has walked just 2. He looks poised to be a top of the rotation type of arm in the near future with his fantastic cutter, Bugs Bunny two-seam fastball, and a great curve to boot. May is simply the latest great Dodgers pitching prospect to come up to the majors.

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Written by Daniel Preciado


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