Dodgers: Cody Bellinger Teased by Yasiel Puig

Cody Bellinger began wearing his socks high the final game in Miami on the Los Angeles Dodgers most recent road trip that ended Sunday in Atlanta. While you may not have noticed, former Dodgers’ outfielder Yasiel Puig did.

Furthermore, Puig commented on Bellinger’s Instagram post on Sunday which asked “Is it pants up or high socks??”. You can see the screen shot of this in the tweet below, and you may want to click to enlarge it.

Of course, Puig replied in typical Wild Horse fashion underneath Bellinger’s post.

“Look stupid.”

Right now, Puig is off to a fabulous start in his latest new beginning with the Cleveland Indians after a huge trade just before the MLB deadline at the end of July. Puig has a slash-line of .370/.424/.611 within his first 14 games in the American League as he attempts to guide Cleveland to the postseason.

Finally, these two were always so much fun to watch until Puig’s end in Los Angeles came abruptly. Clearly, Puig took a liking to Bellinger as he was often seen playfully jabbing at him on the field and in the dugout. When asked if he missed any Dodgers upon his return to Los Angeles, Puig playfully said he missed only Bellinger; because Bellinger was ‘stupid’ like he was.

In closing, call me nostalgic; but there’s just something about the Wild Horse that leaves a little piece of my heart out there for him. It’s good to see that he keeps an eye on his former teammates, at least on Instagram if nothing else. And I agree with Puig – Bellinger should play with the socks lowered.

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Written by Clint Evans


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