Dodgers News: Kershaw Speaks On His Dislike of Robot Umpires Idea

The subject of robot umpires in Major League Baseball is more than here. Moreover – with each passing day – it seems like a controversial call moves the tectonic shift to this taking place in the game we know.

Now, Jayson Stark of The Athletic has a story which focuses on the fears of big leaguers if this change comes about. What’s more, Clayton Kershaw weighs in on his feelings on the matter; and he’s as candid as you would expect a veteran pitcher to be.

First off – Kershaw is like me – he’s a traditionalist. Therefore, Kershaw believes that the human element factor of error; is part of the game for better or worse. It sounds like the Dodgers’ veteran hurler doesn’t really believe baseball is considering this wholesale change to begin with.

“Come on,” the Dodgers’ ace says of the prospect of robot umps coming to a big-league park near him. “Is that really a possibility? They’re not really thinking about that. Are they?”

Indeed, baseball is considering it. Stark goes on to illustrate that baseball is testing out the ‘robot’ in the Atlantic League which each pitch being delivered. This includes warm-up pitches in between innings.

Given some more consideration on the matter, Kershaw weighed in again on why he doesn’t like the idea.

“It’s just going to change a lot of things, and I just don’t think that’s what we’re after.”

And I’m with the veteran on this. While I am only one man, I’ve been staunch since day one to anyone that will listen that this does not fix everything. In fact, it will bring about a new set of problems. Seemingly, Kershaw shares the same vision that I do. Clearly, it could be a Pandora’s box all of it’s own.

Finally, Kershaw weighs in on why it could be crushing to the sport in it’s own way.

“How would there not be more offense? If they shrink the box and there’s no give at all, it’s going to be crazy. There’ll be more walks. And then the walks are going to slow down the pace of play. And then the games will be longer. And then the pace of game is gone. So it’s, like, what do you want? You want a fast game with more offense but not too many walks? So I mean, that’s embarrassing, honestly.”

Without question, Kershaw is a smart baseball brain. If he has a problem with it, there’s probably a good reason for it. When it comes to baseball matters and rules, I wouldn’t go against Clayton Kershaw’s stance on too many issues.

So how do you feel about robot umpires entering the game of baseball? I am interested to hear how many of you are with it or against it? Why would it be a good idea, and why wouldn’t it be? Let us know in the comments below, and expect me to battle those of you that are for it!

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Written by Clint Evans


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