Dodgers: Kenley Jansen Still Believes in Himself Despite a Series of Poor Outings

There’s no going around it, Kenley Jansen has not been good as of late.

On Wednesday night’s game against the Toronto Blue Jays, the Dodgers took a 1-0 lead into the ninth only for Jansen to give up a solo home run which would send the game into extra innings.

The Dodgers would ultimately go on to win the game just an inning later thanks to a walk-off home run from Max Muncy, but Muncy’s heroics don’t excuse Jansen’s unreliability. The fans certainly let him know how they felt at the end of the inning.

Yet despite reaching what appears to be a low point in what has been an impressive career thus far, Jansen still remains confident in his ability to close for the team.

He believes it’s only a matter of time until the fans are back on his side.

Can He be Trusted Come October?

It’s great to see the Dodgers’ closer keep his spirits high in the midst of disastrous performances, but until he starts performing, his words, unfortunately, don’t really mean much.

It truly seems as if Jansen has played his way from a valuable asset into a liability. And, at this point in the season, the Dodgers have other relievers that they may be wise to explore as possible replacements in the closer spot.

One can only hope Jansen will somehow recapture his pre-2018 season magic, but every day the sentiment becomes bleaker and bleaker.

Let us know what you think the Dodgers should do about the closer spot below!

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Written by Kellan Grant


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