Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Discusses Why 2019 Dodgers are Better

The Yankees are in Los Angeles to face the Dodgers, and with that, comes a lot of media attention. On that note, Alex Rodriguez is out at Dodger Stadium as part of FS1’s coverage, and he had a conversation with LA manager Dave Roberts.

In this particular clip, the question is pretty simple, “why will the third time be the charm for the Dodgers?” Doc Roberts responded.

I think the thing is that people learn from past experiences — or past failures namely. And I think if you look back at the last two World Series, those are failures. A credit to our guys is ‘how can we get better?’ And I think that’s conducting good at-bats, winning pitches — staying in the strike zone… I think that we collectively have been better all year.

Sitting at 85-45 on August 24th does back up Doc’s statement that the team has been collectively better in 2019 — 12 walk-off wins notwithstanding. Of course, the 2017 ball club hit the 85 win mark on August 16th, so take that as you will.

While the overall quality of at-bat is very much better in 2019, the bullpen remains the biggest question mark ahead of October, and Dave’s decision to focus on the positives with Arod and company is only telling part of the story.

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Written by Clint Pasillas


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