Dodgers Reportedly Tried to Wear Traditional Uniforms for Players Weekend

The Dodgers are playing the Yankees at Dodger Stadium this weekend — a battle of two of the most storied franchises in sports, and two of the most iconic uniforms as well… usually. However, this particular match up happened to fall on MLB’s annual “Players Weekend,” which comes usually with uniform tops that are embraced by players and fans alike. But not this season.

Now, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports, the Dodgers reportedly asked MLB for permission to allow both teams wears their traditional uniforms, at least for one game. It was a no.

Cody Bellinger offered his thoughts on the helmets in particular.

I’m off the helmets. They do look like a damn Q-Tip.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone added his thoughts.

The one thing I would say — you know, Dodgers-Yankees, I feel like it would be cool that… this isn’t necessarily the best weekend for us, I think having this matchup and to have them in their uniform and us in ours.

Brown did note that the Chicago Cubs chose to forego the complete look and stick with their traditional blue caps…

… They got a letter from MLB reinforcing the “fun” of players weekend.

What are your thoughts on the monochrome white vs black uniforms?

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Written by Clint Pasillas


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