Dodgers Atop MLB Power Rankings Despite Tough Weekend

Monday morning power rankings time. After the foul Yankee taste in Dodger fans mouth after losing a series at Dodger Stadium, this will surprise many Dodger fans.

Number One Again

It’s difficult to get excited about rankings, as much as it is easy to ignore them when they don’t favor your favorite team. Ultimately, power rankings are intended to be contextual. This means that even though the Dodgers lost 2 out of 3 to the Yankees this weekend, they still lead the NL West by about 189 games, have a softer schedule upcoming, are in a good place. The Dodgers upcoming schedule includes all other 4 NL west teams, and then a series with the lowly Orioles. On paper this bodes well for the Dodgers.

Who Competed For the #1 Spot?

It should surprise absolutely nobody that the two other teams in the top 3 are the Astros and Yankees. Both AL powerhouses continue to play well, and this weekend Dodger fans got a taste of the mighty Yankee offense. The Braves took the #4 spot, which is perfectly poetic. Most people see the Braves as the biggest obstacle for the Dodgers to return to the World Series.

What’s Next?

The Dodgers continue to have a lot to play for despite the large division lead. Shoring up their division lead and keeping home field advantage are their top priorities. What I would expect to see otherwise, is a lot of mixing up lineups and pitching match-ups. The Dodgers want to have their best for October, and the coming weeks should be a showcase for seeing who deserves those spots.

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Written by AJ Gonzalez


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