Dodgers Become Apart of MLB History For Teams With 100 Wins

The Minnesota Twins won earlier tonight, making them the 4th team in the majors with 100 wins in 2019.

Top Heavy Year In The AL

Four teams with 100 wins is pretty crazy to wrap your head around. The American League has three of these teams. The American League also has a Tigers team with a .291 (46-112) winning percentage, two teams with under a .400 winning percentage, (Baltimore and Kansas City) as well as two teams who are barely above that .400 percentage mark. This is a pretty ugly parity between good teams and bad teams.

National League A Little More Balanced

The National league has three divisions, and in two of them there are three teams over .500 for winning percentages. The only division where this did not happen is the NL West, where the Dodgers NL best record clearly lopsided the division. All this to say, while the Yankees and Astros look scary, the Dodgers are just is good and played in a league with overall better teams in 2019.

Written by AJ Gonzalez


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