Dodgers: Clayton Kershaw Has Supportive Voice in Clippers’ Doc Rivers

Wednesday was a rough night for Clayton Kershaw, to put it lightly. The Dodgers veteran blew a 3-1 lead on back-to-back pitches that left the yard before being promptly pulled by Dave Roberts. The Dodgers ended up losing in extra innings on a grand slam, and with it, their season was over.

It was the latest of several postseason mishaps for Kershaw throughout his career, and Dodger fans held nothing back in letting out their anger.

Among all the negativity though, Kershaw found some solace in Clippers head coach Doc Rivers, who gave his support to the pitcher unprompted during his media availability on Thursday. He proclaimed that he has never felt worse for a guy than the future Hall of Famer, and that he feels sorry for “whoever already jumped the bandwagon, but that was awful to see because he’s one of the greatest pitchers, he really is, of all-time.”

“That’s when you really appreciate these guys,” Rivers continued. “They put it on the line, they know the risk. They know it could go bad and when it does, it does. That reminded me of it again.”

Rivers ended his comment saying that even though he is a White Sox fan, he would take Kershaw and that he was still rooting for the Dodgers.

“It was just a really tough one,” Rivers said.

The Clippers are no strangers to playoff disappointments as well, so maybe there is some relatability in that sense. Regardless, you have to applaud Doc for showing empathy to someone while they’re down. This should serve as a reminder of just how brutal fans can be, and that professional athletes are human beings too.

Written by Andres Soto


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