Dodgers Sign a 18 Year Old Taquero From Mexico

This might be the most L.A. story you’ll read all day, but it’s a feel good one about one of our favorite topics.

Octavio Becerra was actually signed in August and shared his experience on how that went with Primer Impacto.

I had just finished pitching when a scout for the Dodgers started asking me all these questions about my pitches. The scout said he’d be back with some news and like an hour and a half later he said they had signed me.

Moreover, Dodgers Nation did a story on this youngster’s signing not too long ago, but the most recent article surrounding his story was his former job in Mexico. As it turns out, he used to work part-time for his uncle’s taco shop in Tepatitlán, Jalisco.

I admit this one is excitingly personal for me. My entire family is from the Tepatitlán area, in Jalisco, Mexico. Seeing another potential future Dodger from my family’s home area fills me with a lot of joy.

Los Angeles Loves Dodgers and Tacos

The last 3 times I’ve gone to Dodger Stadium, we’ve searched for tacos after the game. This is not hyperbole. “The best tacos in L.A are…” is a conversation and debate that could start fires and fights. Octavio Becerra is likely to not work selling tacos ever again. When you see this young man pitch at Dodger Stadium someday soon, where are you going to get your tacos from after? Where are the best tacos in L.A? Let us know in the comments!

Written by AJ Gonzalez


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