Dodgers: Justin Turner’s Wife Kourtney Claps Back on News Headline

Kourtney Turner has always used her charming sense of humor on Twitter. Both Kourtney and Justin Turner are well loved for their community involvement. Before I share her tweet that set the world of Dodger fans on fire, let’s give some exposition on where this story started.

MLB Trade Rumors’ Brief Phrasing

MLB trade rumors ran a tweet that included the link to an article that touched on Justin Turner. It discusses Justin Turner’s openness to ‘change positions’ and possibly play first base, should the Dodgers pursue soon-to-be free agent, Anthony Rendon. Here’s the tweet.

Perhaps I am the only grown adult with a sophomoric mind, but the first time I read the tweet, I also chuckled at the phrasing. When Kourtney Turner make jokes out of the Michael Scott playbook though, the world laughs.

That’s What (She) Kourtney Turner Said

If your immediate reaction to this tweet isn’t some form of laughter, I can definitively assess that Twitter is not for you. I won’t spell out the joke if it misses anyone, as this is a family website. Underneath her first joke, her next tweet was a joke wrapped in a clarification.

Kourtney Turner Overdrive

People love a couple on Twitter who joke with each other. Chrissy Teigen and John Legend come to mind. It shows a human side of players and their wives that we can forget to recognize. If social media exists for anything good, lighter side and humor has to be the best reason. On top of that, Kourtney Turner’s opinions on Twitter have never come without a sense of humor. Her comments on umpiring when there have been questionable strike calls have always been met with laughter.

Justin Turner At First Base?

Dodger fans are obviously most interested on whether this will all matter. Justin Turner being a team player and being open to moving is not surprising. Justin has always been a team player. Will the Dodgers be able to court Anthony Rendon in to coming to Los Angeles? This off-season will be very interesting.

Written by AJ Gonzalez


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