Dodgers, Twins Trade Likely On Without Boston, Mookie Betts to LA Still in Works

Another morning, another Jon Heyman tweet that gives Dodger fans hope.

If you’re getting deja vu, so are we over here at Dodgers Nation. We have written on this back and forth at least once. Or maybe twice. It’s been interminable. Dodger fans have collectively felt like this has swung back and forth for an eternity.

I have read many tweets from Dodger fans who are so tired of this debacle that they are willing to just let Mookie Betts remain a Red Sock. A former MVP. In some ways I cannot blame them, this has been emotionally exhausting, but I digress.

A Jon Heyman tweet every morning has been like a cup of coffee: expected. At this point this does not come as a surprise. To be fair, Jon Heyman does have real sources and is a professional, so it is hard not to lend credence to his propaganda. Also, it helps when the end all be all of baseball sources…

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Rosenthal Confirms

Ken Rosenthal confirmed Jon Heyman’s tweet that the teams are, in fact, talking about a deal again, and that the Twins are back involved.

Rosenthal takes it further than Heyman and includes details, which kind of says the difference between the two of them.

Heyman adds another iteration of with Rosenthal is saying.

This is much better than some of the armchair general manager deals that have been floating around. This resembles the deal that was already on the table and the deal most of us thought was final.

Will This Deal Really Happen?

My personal premonition is that this deal was always going to happen. The pressure from the MLBPA definitely helps. One would have to posture that the negative attention to the Red Sox front office would push them into completing the deal in some fashion. A first year GM would not want to earn the reputation of acting in bad faith. As always, time will tell. Hopefully sooner rather than later.

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Written by AJ Gonzalez


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