MLB News: Commissioner Warns MLBPA of Shutdown if Virus Cannot Be Contained

Fridays are normally reserved for happiness, but not on this particular day. In the wake of the Marlins outbreak of COVID-19 numbers, MLB is making a strong statement to the MLBPA. That statement is ‘Do a better job, or lose baseball for the year’. 

Commissioner Rob Manfred apparently wrote to head of MLBPA Tony Clark this week about the climbing numbers. He told Clark that if the sport does not do a better job of managing the virus that the season would shut down for the year. 

This coming weekend might end up being one of the biggest for the entire season. With the Marlins players still quarantined and not playing, numbers cannot go up. A couple of Phillies players tested positive Friday morning resulting in a sense of urgency for MLB. 

If another outbreak comes to be, Rob Manfred has the power to shut baseball down. Manfred noted that local health officials have not been satisfied with the way players have stuck to the guidelines thus far. That includes high-fiving, the closeness of players on the field and in the dugouts, and with spitting. 

The Cardinals games against the Brewers tonight was postponed and a doubleheader was scheduled for tomorrow. If more numbers come out this weekend, don’t expect baseball on your television much longer. So much depends on how these guys will be able to adjust. 

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Written by Brook Smith


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