Dodgers: Trevor Bauer Has Ball Removed From the Game for Foreign Substance Testing

Major League Baseball is starting its crackdown on pitchers using foreign substances. It appears the Dodgers got their first taste of that on Wednesday with Trevor Bauer on the mound. 

Umpires from the game reportedly pulled a ball out of the game after Trevor Bauer’s first inning. That will likely be sent for inspection, per MLB’s new policy instituted prior to the start of the year. They will test the ball to ensure that the Dodgers starter was not using something on his hand that is now allowed in the policy.

This is the first time this year that anyone has been able to confirm a ball was pulled by umpires. The fact that it happens to be on Trevor Bauer is a little funny given the focus that he has on spin rates. The Dodgers pitcher has also been against how MLB decided to roll out this new rule in 2021. 

The Dodgers were not asked about the move by officials after the game, so no comment could be found on the matter. But this is expected to be part of the foreseeable future with Major League Baseball, so get used to it now. 

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The new rule put in place allows for the league to monitor spin rates from pitchers to watch for foreign substance use. It makes it so that officials can randomly or specifically pull balls out of the game at any given time. 

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Written by Brook Smith


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