MLB News: A Very Unpromising Update On Baseball’s CBA Negotiations


For the next couple of months, officials from MLB and the Player’s Association will meet to talk about the future. The expiring Collective Bargaining Agreement means that the 2 sides need to find a common ground in order to continue playing in 2022 as scheduled. 

The fear has been for some time that MLB and the Union would have a really tough battle ahead of them. With tension building over the last couple of years and the relationship been the league and players soured, fans knew this could be difficult. 

And it’s proving to be just that. Jon Heyman reported today that at least 1 MLB management source called the negotiations “As bad as I’ve ever seen”, which obviously isn’t ideal. Especially at this stage in the negotiations. 

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Spring Training is supposed to start February 26th of next year between the Cactus and Grapefruit Leagues. But if MLB and the union can’t come together on something, that date could very much be in question. Pushing back the start date for the season would be really bad for both sides though, which could get them to come together on a deal. 

The 2020 MLB season was already hit hard by the COVID-19 pandemic. That resulted in owners, the league, and players losing out on a whole lot of money. No one wants any sort of delay to the season, so there is still hope they can get it figured out. 

But it doesn’t sound great. 

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Written by Brook Smith


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