Dodgers News: Check Out Birthday Boy Mookie Betts on Jimmy Kimmel

The Dodgers have a nice break before they get set for the NLDS on October 11. So during the time off, Mookie Betts had some time to have a little fun.

On Thursday, Betts joined Jimmy Kimmel Live as a guest.

Betts spoke about his love for bowling, what he plans to do after baseball (which won’t be for a very, very long time) and the new Jackie Robinson documentary coming out on FS1.

These kind of interviews are always a great way to see the players in a different light, and see their personalities when they’re off the baseball diamond. Mookie has always shown his fun side on the field, so it’s nice to see him smile and laugh off the field, as well.

Mookie mentioned this was his only day off, so we won’t be seeing any more cameos from him until after the postseason. But hopefully, in his next one, he’s being interviewed as the winner of the 2022 World Series.

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Written by Noah Camras


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