Dodgers News: Urias and Kershaw Know Who’s Starting Game 1, But We Don’t

Dodgers manager Dave Roberts likes his secrets. Sometimes it’s for a competitive advantage, but sometimes it’s just because he seems to enjoy knowing something other people don’t know.

L.A.’s starting pitcher for Game 1 of the National League Division Series probably falls in that latter category. We know Julio Urias an Clayton Kershaw will start the first two games of the series, but we don’t know which order they’ll go in.

But just because we don’t know who’s starting doesn’t mean they don’t know, as we’ve pointed out here repeatedly. And Roberts confirmed on Friday evening that that’s the case.

Roberts said the other day the main consideration in who will start Game 1 is which one they’d feel most comfortable with pitching on four days rest in Game 5. That probably points to Urias, as does the fact that Urias has been their best pitcher this year and it makes a lot of sense to have your best pitcher be the one who potentially could go twice in the series.

Chances are, Roberts has known for a week or more than Urias will be the Game 1 starter, but there’s no telling when he will make that official announcement. Many fans will be annoyed or frustrated by that, but the important thing is that Kershaw and Urias know and are on board with the plan. Everything else is just drama and intrigue, as if we don’t have enough of those in the postseason.

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Written by Jeff Snider


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