Dodgers News: Bellinger Shares How He’s Been Able to Overcome Hitting Slump

There have been a lot of ups and downs this season for Cody Bellinger, but keeping him in the lineup in hopes of seeing what he’s capable of for the playoffs had fans’ patience running thin.

At one point of the season, Bellinger had gone eight games in a row without recording a single hit but has since come out of his cold hitting slump and hasn’t gone more than three games without a hit. 

Bellinger remained a true professional of the game and knew he can be counted on when the team needed him the most. Speaking to David Vassegh allowed fans to get a glimpse of what Bellinger had to do to get out of his slump (quotes via iHeartRadio).

“You play this game for a reason. You know it’s probably one of the hardest games to be successful at. When you find that success its a pretty good feeling and when you’ve had that success before you know its in there so you keep fighting to get it back.”

The drive to perfection may be too much for baseball players to handle, but even at his lowest point of the season, Bellinger was able to take it in stride and turned it into a respectable end-of-season campaign.

At the end of the day no one really knows how hard this is unless you play so you learn to block out all the noise and understand that what I got in this locker room is special and the guys got my back. Just trying to be a good teammate and good competitor. At the end of the day just feeling comfortable and helping these guys will is all that matters.”

Bellinger now rides into the postseason with confidence running through his veins. If Bellinger can show up in the postseason once more the sky will become the limit for the Dodgers.

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Written by Ryan Menzie


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