Dodgers News: Roberts Responds to Critics’ Who Say the Dodgers ‘Overthink’ The Postseason

As much success as the Dodgers have had making it into the postseason, the Dodgers struggled to win the World Series. With three appearances and just one ring over the past 10 playoff appearances in a row, it leaves people to wonder what could be going wrong. 

One analyst suggested that the Dodgers begin to overthink once they make it to the playoffs. The pressure adds up and unconventional play begins as teams coach differently to gain an upper advantage.

This tactic can be seen in all sports with the notion “the regular season doesn’t matter, only what you do in the postseason” ringing through the league. The Dodgers also remain under a huge spotlight for being a part of Los Angeles, but that doesn’t stop Dave Roberts from responding to critics who believe the Dodgers overthink too much.

Recently, Dave Roberts told Bill Plunkett  of the OC Register this:

“I think the overthinking perception is overblown. Honestly, I believe it’s overblown because this perception started when Andrew took over the Dodgers. Andrew took over and you bring in, on the baseball ops side, analytics and trying to maximize on the margins and increase winning percentage. I believe we’ve done that better than any team in baseball.”

No team shows all their cards during the regular season. Playoff coaching is a completely different animal.

“But I think the first scary look for people was, ‘They’re overthinking. They’re doing something different.’ Now you look into the postseason … every year there’s things that are unconventional that happen. But it’s always us that gets looked at for overthinking.”

The notion of overthinking becomes emphasized when the Dodgers seem to do it right all year long and then something wrong happens during the postseason. Rather than looking at it as overthinking, it just shows how truly hard it is to win in the postseason. 

It’s fair game to all teams and anything can happen in a playoff series. 

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Written by Ryan Menzie


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