Dodgers News: NLDS Stage is Set, 2017 Astros Questioned Again, LA ‘Overrated’, and More

After a long 5 days without games, it’s almost time for Dodger Baseball again. Before entering the mini hiatus, the Dodgers faced the Rockies a few more times. In their final six games of the regular season, the Dodgers topped Colorado 3 times to end with a regular season record of 111-51, a franchise best.

Both Clayton Kershaw and Julio Urias had their final starts of the regular season where they both showed promise for a strong October. Urias once again proved why he deserves a lot more respect from the Baseball world and even better, a shot at taking home the Cy Young Award.

Dodgers News: Julio Urías Wins ‘Really Special’ NL ERA Title

Dodgers News: Why Julio Urias Should Win the NL Cy Young Award

But the question remains, between El Culichi and Clayton Kershaw, who will get the start for Game 1 of the NLDS? The starting pitcher has been notified but when will we get to know? The answer is expected to come out this afternoon in Los Angeles.

In the meantime, Doc has been finalizing that postseason roster still. Who will get the last spot and what’s the update on the Dodgers Bullpen?

Dodgers News: Craig Kimbrel Still on the Roster Bubble

Dodgers: Dave Roberts Reveals Final Bench Spot Down to Two Players

But while he’s busy determining who makes the cut and who gets left out, Doc has also had the wonderful pleasure of taking on the media on some tough topics.

Dodgers News: Roberts Responds to Critics’ Who Say the Dodgers ‘Overthink’ The Postseason

Oh, and the 2017 cheating Astros have been involved in headlines once again.

Dodgers News: Dave Roberts Finally Outright Says Astros Stole World Series in 2017

Dodgers News: Former Astros Pitcher Not Proud of 2017 World Series Ring

While the Padres and the Mets faced off out East, the Dodgers squad was just having fun here in LA  while practicing hard and fine-tuning a few things of course.

Dodgers News: Check Out Birthday Boy Mookie Betts on Jimmy Kimmel

Dodgers: Radio Host Slams Mets for Benching Star With Batting Title on the Line

After Sunday night’s elimination game out in New York, the Dodgers’ opponent was finally in a dramatic three-game series fashion. It looks like LA will be facing off against Little Brother yet again. Those poor Padres, haven’t they had enough of the Boys in Blue?

Here’s a little recap of the Wild Card Series and a sneak peek at what’s to come when Dodgers Baseball resumes Tuesday.

Dodgers News: Dodgers Set to Take on San Diego in NLDS; Padres Eliminate Mets in Wild Card Series

But before the winner of the Wild Card Series was even named, the Padres took immediate action in case they were likely to come out on top. With the team out East, the Padres organization announced some upcoming changes that might help them limit the likelihood of Dodgers fans taking over Petco Park, again.

Don’t they know where there’s a will there’s a way? Fans are from all over and are sure to invade Dodgers Stadium South no matter what it’ll take.

Dodgers News: Dodger Fans May Be Excluded From Petco Park Come NLDS Time

The stage is set, the roster is *almost* finalized and all that’s left is for the Dodgers to show up and finish this thing. It’s not going to be as smooth sailing as the regular season might have been but this Dodgers squad has proven itself time and time again. October baseball is here.


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Dodgers News: Dodgers Set to Take on San Diego in NLDS; Padres Eliminate Mets in Wild Card Series

Dodgers News: Padres Name Game One Starter Ahead of NLDS