Dodgers Win Totals Project Total Collapse In Comparison To 2022 Season

The Dodgers recorded 111 wins in 2022. It’s clear that many believe they will not get anywhere near that number.

For Dodgers fans, that win total was a/the highlight of the season. Sadly that good feeling quickly turned sour with an early postseason exit. To add insult to injury, the Dodgers projected win totals have plummeted to 89.7, according to ESPN and Steamer, which would be their lowest win total since 2012 when they won 86 games.

While 89-90 wins isn’t quite what fans are used to these days, it’s still a total that can secure a playoff berth in the expanded postseason era. So there’s still hope for a championship and parade sometime in the fall. It’s a steep hill to climb but signs continue pointing towards the Dodgers at least making a trade prior to the deadline.

The MLB is measured by championships and not regular season wins but the way-too-early rankings give Dodgers fans something to consider when looking ahead to the regular season. Perhaps this can also be added motivation for the Dodgers to prove the pundits wrong and become more successful than many had originally expected.

Importantly, this team does not need to go out and win 111 games again. Or even 100. Recent history has shown us that regular season wins don’t mean all that much.

While the Dodgers have lost many players, the current roster still holds value with All-Stars Mookie Betts, Freddie Freeman and Clayton Kershaw remaining and some intriguing storylines (Dustin May, Noah Syndergaard, Shelby Miller) on the pitching side of things.

Ultimately, the whole point of this is… temper your expectations.

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Written by Ryan Menzie


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