Dodgers News: Max Muncy Would Love to Retire a Dodger

Max Muncy was drafted by the A’s in 2012 and debuted with Oakland three years later. But he didn’t come into his own until he came to the Dodgers, spending a very productive season in Triple-A in 2017 before bursting onto the big-league scene in 2018.

While Muncy hasn’t quite followed the Clayton Kershaw path of becoming a star for the team that drafted him and remaining there his entire career, he’s happy in Los Angeles. And as he told Dodgers Nation recently, now that he’s found his place in LA, he hopes to stay forever.

“I’m really hoping eventually I can retire as a Dodger. Obviously my play will determine that. But it’s just one of those things where the Dodgers are always going to have my loyalty, and especially the fan base. I would do anything for this organization.

“Obviously I’m hoping the option is turned into something a little more longer term. I think my relationship with the Dodgers, I think I control my own destiny with that. If I go out there and I play well, I think we can make it happen. But if I go out there and I don’t play well, then they’re not going to just sit around and hand things out. So I think I control my own destiny with that.”

Watching his friend Justin Turner leave in free agency this offseason surely has to temper some of Muncy’s expectations, but as Dodger fans, it’s great to hear Max talk about the loyalty he feels to the organization and to the fans. It’s similar to Chris Taylor, who hit free agency last offseason but later said he never had any intention of going anywhere else. When you’ve faced the prospect of having your career fizzle out but then reached stardom and become beloved by a fanbase, it creates a bond.

Of course, Turner had that same bond with LA and the fans — perhaps even stronger, having grown up in Southern California as one of those fans — and we saw how that turned out. Not everything has a storybook ending.

But for now, Muncy (and we) can dream about a world where he’s productive enough to spend the rest of his career in Dodger blue.

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Written by Jeff Snider


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